Cleaning Antique Furniture – How To Go About, It Like A Pro

People who have a unique taste in furniture often ask us how to maintain it. Indeed, it can be difficult to maintain antique furniture, and you must be very careful when doing that. In this article we will show you some of the ways which could help you clean your antique furniture in the best possible way, that is to say – like a pro!

Call A Pro!

This solution is quite simple, isn’t it? If you would like your furniture cleaned like a pro, perhaps it is the time to call professionals! However, if for any reason this is not an option for you at the moment, read on.

Dust Regularly

The number one thing which you should keep in mind is that you will prevent many problems from occurring if you regularly dust. Think of it as of brushing your teeth! So, dust regularly in order not to have problems in the future.

Clean It With Mild Cleaners


Mild cleaners will not damage the antique furniture as some other cleaning substances might. So, make sure you look into cleaning options and use those who will not further damage your furniture.

Walking The Line

A dry environment can damage your antique furniture; this is why it is important to use humidifiers in dry environments. Also, too much humidity can also damage your furniture and it is not advisable to keep your furniture in any of these extreme environments. Moreover, it is not healthy to live in any of these two extremes as well, so take care of your health and your furniture at the same time!

Do Not Leave It In The Sun

Leaving your furniture in the sun will damage it, so make sure you make a place for your antique piece of furniture somewhere where there is no much direct sun or light.

Dealing With Pest Infection

If you happen to notice a pest infection make sure you remove your antique furniture right away. Not to mention the fact that your furniture might be of great value, which is not appreciated by rats, mice, and beetles.